Stories and Musings

Collective Stories from the Mixed-Up, yet Logical Mind of a Missionary Kid

I love to write…..

I always have. Writing was therapeutic for me as a child, then as a teenager, and most certainly, it has been therapeutic for me as an adult. I love looking back at something I have written, and laughing, or even sometimes crying, over my experiences. Laugh or cry, one thing I know for sure. I have lived a blessed and WONDERFUL life. My experiences as a missionary kid formed me, shaped me, molded me….yes. Those experiences growing up in Ecuador, they made me who I am. Following, are a few of my favorite stories/memories that I have written down. I will add more. As time allows, or as something hits me and makes me remember.

Click the story you want to read. Maybe you should read them all.

Gummy Bear on the Plane

The Hatchback of the Datsun

Soda Crackers and Fanny

Bible in the Window


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