Guest Blog by: Mikayla Kent – Here I am! Send me!

Note: Mikayla Kent is my niece. I asked her if she would write a blog for Heart for Ecuador, and she agreed immediately. I have never seen such humbleness, passion, compassion, heart, wisdom, and the ability to be the heart of Jesus, in a teenager. Every time I read one of Mikayla’s blogs, I marvelContinue reading “Guest Blog by: Mikayla Kent – Here I am! Send me!”

The story of Kayci Sheridan #Ecuador2020 #SendMe

Y’all….if you know me, you know that all you have to do is mention Ecuador and I am a weepy mess. The people that I have on my team this year are blowing me away. I have never seen such an excited group of people who are intent on serving others. I was working onContinue reading “The story of Kayci Sheridan #Ecuador2020 #SendMe”

A Surgeon Gets Sent to Ecuador

One of my favorite people in the world is Dr. Ellis Tinsley, Jr. I have never met a more humble, loving, generous, intelligent, amazing……SERVANT in my life. Dr. Ellis Tinsley joined our trip last year and has pledged to go again this year. He wrote a blog that blew me away. I think that everyoneContinue reading “A Surgeon Gets Sent to Ecuador”

Ecuador 2020 – It is GO time!

We talk about the Second Coming of Jesus, but so many have never even heard of His first. I cannot rest, I cannot wait. Until the whole world hears, here I am! Send me! — Stephanne Marsh Dear Faithful Friends and Supporters, All I can say is WOW! I am so excited about what theContinue reading “Ecuador 2020 – It is GO time!”