Heart for Ecuador

A glimpse into the heart God has given me for Ecuador.

How You Can Help

“Go, send, or disobey.”

John Piper

While this quote seems harsh, it is what rocked me to my core and pushed me to take action. The Bible is clear in what it commands us to do. We are to go into all the world (that could mean right where you are!) and preach the gospel. I am committed to sharing love, compassion, and the saving grace of Jesus Christ….until the whole world hears. If you are unable to go, won’t you consider helping send someone who is willing?


Sign up for one the upcoming trips! You will never be the same again. And that is a good thing.


If you can’t go, then you can help send someone else! We accept donations online or if you would prefer to send a check, message me for details.


You can make a world of difference by donating your time. From collecting donations and medical supplies to working with the Lion’s Club to get glasses, to helping to count vitamins, or making yarn dolls, there is something everyone can do to help others GO!

The Ecuador medical mission trip is a perfect introduction to missions for a family. The country is beautiful, the people are loving, and we felt totally safe. Stephanne’s enthusiasm for her childhood home is infectious.

Jennifer Player, MD, FAAP

If you have the chance to go on a mission trip with Stephanne Marsh, don’t hesitate. Do it. You will be so glad you did.


I have never experienced anything like I did on my medical mission trip to Ecuador. I thought I was there to help people, but instead, I found that I was the one that received the blessing. I am forever changed.


Ecuador gave me the opportunity to evangelize to others for the first time. It’s an experience I will never forget.

Kate Player, age 13


Recent Blogs

“Thirty-eight years ago my wife and I went to Ecuador, South America as missionaries. Along with us we took our two daughters, the oldest Stephanne who was 6 or 7 and Keely who was about 18 months old.  I never dreamed that the Evangelistic Center we began in the heart of Colonial Quito would continue to this day with 49 daughter churches having been birthed by that one church.  But what is most amazing and humbling to me is my daughter Stephanne, who graduated HS in Quito, has a heart that burns for the people of Ecuador.  For the past several years she has led mission’s teams, medical, construction, and ministry back to the land where she grew up.  She has led those teams to help with the construction of around 28 churches which were birthed out of the mother church in Quito.  She has taken medical teams to minister healing and health to those church communities as well as ministry teams, sometimes all three at the same time.  To say her heart is with Ecuador and its people is an understatement.  Her talents, skills and tenacity year after year to organize each of these missions trips and take 30 to 60 people with her, raising the necessary funds, to buy the medicines, and construction materials and other things is incredible.  She coordinates all these efforts with the pastor of the Evangelistic Center and the pastors of those individual churches to give an unforgettable missions trip to her team members, as well as making an impact on thousands of Ecuadorians each year that will last for eternity.  Many of the doctors and team members have been so impacted by these trips that they return with her year after year.  I never dreamed that what the Lord began through my wife and I would today still be going strong through our daughter, Stephanne Marsh.  And by that I am blessed.  Thank you Lord!”

Reverend Doctor C. Bradley Morris – Retired Missionary and Pastor