By: Stephanne Morris Marsh

Laying here in the quiet wee hours of the morning, the faint glow of the Christmas tree lights peaking beneath my bedroom door; my mind is frantically racing, trying to remember if I’ve forgotten anything. This is it. It’s here. Christmas is here. All of the cooking, all of the hurrying, all of the scurrying, all of the buying, all of the wrapping and decorating, all of the madness that encompasses our North American Christmas is here. If I don’t have it, if I’ve forgotten it, it’s too late. My heart squeezes and tiny tears try to drip. Is it enough? Are my love gifts enough?  Will everyone understand the thought and preparation that went into what we’ve done? 

And then that still quiet voice whispers and I can feel the tension realease from my entire body. I nestle back into my pillow for 5 more minutes to listen to that voice I’ve come to treasure so dear. More priceless than silver or gold. More priceless than diamonds or rubies, it is the voice of my precious Savior. He reminds me that He came as THE GIFT. He came as the very BEST GIFT and nothing else matters. He reminds me that I am treasured. He reminds me that I am loved. He reminds me that as long as I present myself with kindness, humility and love, those are truly the best gifts I can bring. 

So I take a deep breathe and remember that I’ve done the very best I can. I did it all with love. Now, I pray that others see not the material gifts I bring, but the Giver of all good and perfect gifts, Jesus. Let them see you, Lord. 

I whisper my quiet thanks. My very grateful, overwhelmed thanks, and I am ready for this day. 

Merry Christmas to each of you, my precious readers, family and friends. My prayer is that the overwhelming joy of understanding who Jesus truly is would flood and fill each of your hearts.  Don’t let today slip by without spending time with Him. 

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