The Greatest Gift

by: Stephanne Morris Marsh

Ahhhhh, it is Christmas and the hurry and the scurry and the fuss and the muss……everything looks as though it should be perfect, and yet, so many of us are walking around with big gaping holes, searching for the ONE thing that will fill us up. We are searching and looking for what will make us whole. There is that one elusive puzzle piece that most of us are ALWAYS looking for. The question I get asked the most often is this:

Surely there has to be something we HAVE to do to get to heaven. Surely it can’t be as simple as just believing that Jesus is who He says He is and asking Him to be Lord of our lives and asking Him to forgive us of our sins. Surely there has to be more! Don’t we have to do something else? Aren’t there any more STEPS we have to take? John 1:51 essentially tells us that Jesus didn’t just come down to show us the steps we had to take to get up to heaven. Jesus came down and made HIMSELF INTO the steps to carry us up to heaven.

Everyone else may tell you the steps you have to take to get better, but Jesus is the only One who becomes THE step to take you there Himself. Because He loves you already. JUST exactly as you are. No. Matter. What.

Jesus doesn’t wait for you to be good or good enough. He comes to us exactly where we are, to be with us who are having awful, miserable, no-good days, right now! Jesus comes to carry us who are feeling lonely and depressed, mad and bad and sad, and anything but joyful and glad. Jesus left Heaven to be with those of us who feel left out. Who feel like we will never be anybody. Who feel as though we will never make the cut. Jesus comes to us who seem to get every step wrong, and He becomes the step, just to get us. Jesus left Heaven, just to have a relationship, with me. And with you.

Did you know that? Jesus came from Heaven, just for YOU. And He would do it all over again. Just for you.

What if today, you were able to look at your Christmas tree and see how it looks just a tiny bit like steps. Jesus made Himself into steps for YOU. He wants to give you the gift of letting Him carry you up, no matter how far down you’ve fallen.

Pause and think of the very wonder of it – Jesus picks you up at your lowest, gathers all of your scattered pieces, and puts them back together. It’s like waking up and discovering that all of your wildest dreams have true. And you don’t have to do one single thing, except accept it.

Jesus is the greatest gift.


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