The story of Kayci Sheridan #Ecuador2020 #SendMe

Y’all….if you know me, you know that all you have to do is mention Ecuador and I am a weepy mess. The people that I have on my team this year are blowing me away. I have never seen such an excited group of people who are intent on serving others.

I was working on the website tonight, pulling old journals and looking for pictures, trying to tell the stories that are on my heart. I got frustrated when I couldn’t find the pictures I wanted to go with one of my stories, so I started looking through my Facebook albums. And along the way, I got caught up looking at my news feed (don’t judge me! Ha! You know you do it, too!) and BAM! Cue the tears. All down my face. The kind that streak your makeup and make your nose get stopped up.

The story I ran across was by Kayci Sheridan. Kayci is in nursing school, and while I have known her since she was a tiny little girl, she just contacted me about joining my upcoming trip LAST NIGHT! We were on the phone for almost two hours going over the trip details. Kayci was joined by two friends who have also committed to go, and her awesome mom, who is a Nurse Practitioner, and ummmmm, have I mentioned to you yet that I NEED another medical provider? I am pretty sure I am hearing God’s voice loud and clear. “Angel Sheridan…..GO TO ECUADOR with Stephanne Marsh in June of 2020!” 🙂

Kayci and her friend were so excited, and so was I. I am talking PALPABLE excitement! My whole point to this is that Kayci just committed to go LAST NIGHT, and she already has the most precious fundraiser started. I am totally stealing her pictures and her idea! (Just kidding. Maybe.) Girl, you rock! She is selling Christmas Ornaments with Romans 10:15 on them. They are tied at the top with tri-color ribbon in the colors of the Ecuadorian flag, yellow, blue and red. They are simply adorable! She is selling them for $5.

So, jump on over to Venmo and type in @Kayci-Sheridan and help #sendKayci to Ecuador. You will be so glad you did.

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